Attention Struggling Golfers ….. Invitation Only to work with Renowned Coach Denise Doyle

Take The Center Strike Challenge And

Claim Your Free Virtual Swing Analysis By PGA Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Denise Doyle

  • Trained under Mike Malaska - National Teacher of The Year.

  • Trained under Laird Small - Pebble Beach Top 100 Teacher

  • Worked with Nicklaus Golf Academies in Hong Kong

  • 20 years teaching experience spanning the Globe from the USA. China, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Nepal

  • Class “A” PGA of America

  • Certified Golf Fitness Instructor - Titleist

    Performance Institute 

  • Trackman Certified

  • Swing Catalyst Certified

  • Represented Ireland Internationally

Now you can permanently fix your contact issues, eliminating fat shots, thin shots and start making perfectly flush contact.

Take 5, 10 or even 15 shots off your score in six weeks or less!

Discover the fastest way to improve your skills and lower your scores on the course!

Discover your SINGLE weakest / most important skill to shooting lower scores faster with

less frustration - Turn your weakest into a strength through proper practice drills that make

you not only better but consistently better round after round.

Here’s what included in the “Center-Strike Challenge”!!

  • 1-1 Personal Coaching

  • Establish Short Term & Long Term Goals.

  • Full Swing and Video Analysis

  • Personalized Swing Drills

  • Weekly Practice plan

  • Short game assessment

Now you can…..

  • Eliminate Fat Shots…

  • Never Hit Thin Shots…

  • And Avoid ANY Mishits…

  • Stop those Wild Drives that blow up rounds

  • Achieve Greater Consistency

Even If You’re Picking Up A Club For The First Time — Or If You’ve Been Playing

No Matter What You Try…

Here’s a FACT: center strike contact is everything in golf…

And if you struggle to make consistently flush contact with the ball… you’ll NEVER play good golf… or be able to TRULY enjoy this great game.

And, you will be left always searching for answers or the next quick fix.

But here’s the good news…

it doesn’t matter whether you just picked up a club for the first time…

Or you’ve been playing for 10, 20, or even 30 years and just can’t make consistent contact…

All Of Your Contact Issue Can Be Permanently Fixed Inside of the “Center-Strike Challenge”!!


Sue Ha, Irvine California

I cannot say enough about Coach Denise. Her coaching style blended technical expertise with a deep understanding of individual nuances, making each lesson engaging and effective. With her patient demeanor and exceptional communication, complex concepts became easily digestible, leading to noticeable improvements in my swing mechanics and overall performance. What sets her apart is her personalized approach, tailoring strategies to my strengths and areas needing improvement. Thanks to her insightful guidance, my confidence on the course has soared, making every round an enjoyable journey of progress. No one would guess I have only been playing over a year with a handicap of 18! 

Jim Gentile, Irvine California

I've been training with Coach Denise for over two years now, and it's been a fantastic experience. Our hour-long sessions every Saturday have become a highlight of my routine. If you're looking for a great recommendation, here it is. Coach Denise's guidance has significantly improved my golf game in numerous ways.  

Mike Wesson, New York

I’ve taken lessons with Denise for 6 plus months now, and it has been a fantastic experience.  I’ve gone from what I would consider a beginner to consistent ball striking after her overall focus on my swing.  I would highly recommend Denise for all player levels, and I’ve already done so for numerous friends and family who all take lessons with her now! 

Paul South Carolina

Denise, this is straight from the heart.

I came to Denise earlier this year as a "self taught" golfer with a ton of challenges including a lack of some very basic grip and swing fundamentals. Denise has been extremely patient and creative in her instruction. She has also taught me the ability to better understand when my swing doesn't go as planned. She has significantly improved my love for the game and has made it a lot of fun for me and other students as well. If you're interested in tuning up your swing, I would wholeheartedly endorse Denise as a terrific golf instructor.

Kathleen Farmer, Oregan USA

Denise is the best instructor I’ve ever had! My game started improving right away. After each lesson there is always something I can take away to improve my game.

Denise’s swing is so beautiful, I just try to copy it! She demonstrates and explains her pointers so well, it makes it easy to understand. She is patient, kind, fun and most of all makes it very enjoyable. I always look forward to my lesson. Because of her, I enjoy the game so much more!

Sylvia Kenmuir, Irvine, CA

Denise is a fantastic golf instructor. She focuses on your individual goals and keeps the lesson simple with easy-to-follow instruction. When I ask for homework, I get it in drills that I can do on my own between lessons. At the end of the day, we all want to see improvement. I can honestly say Denise’s subtle adjustments to my swing has had immediate and long-term results. I have dramatically improved not only my score but in my whole attitude to learning this fun game of golf.

Leanne, California

I have been with Coach Denise for almost 2 years. Denise is a very patient, friendly, and full of experienced coach. After each lesson, I always went home with great points on improving my swing skills. Most importantly, it's always so fun and exciting attending each class with Denise, especially the on-course lessons!I highly recommend Coach Denise!

Libby Latchman & family

My family and I had the privilege of learning from Denise. She is an exceptional golf instructor who shares her expertise, experience, and passion. During our lessons, Denise's unique teaching approach ensured every lesson was engaging, fun and effective. Her attention to detail and commitment to helping us succeed is her trademark. Thanks to her, we have not only improved our golf game but also developed a deep appreciation for the sport. I wholeheartedly recommend Denise Doyle to anyone seeking a top-notch golf instructor!

Dennis Vo, Irvine California

Denise’s patient and addaptable approach to coaching has been critical to massive improvements I’ve made as a beginner. I have always felt she was very invested in my progress and has constantly rooted for the success of her students. I’m sure she will be a great match for anyone looking to make some serious strides in their golf game.

Mustafa and Alex, Irvine California

Working with Denise Doyle has been a game-changer. Her expertise, patience, and personalized instruction have significantly improved my skills and confidence on the course. With Denise’s guidance, my swing has become more consistent, ball-striking has improved, and I've learned valuable strategies for course management. Denise creates a supportive and motivating environment, making the learning process enjoyable. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking to enhance their skills, elevate their performance, and truly enjoy the game of golf. Thank you, Denise, for your exceptional instruction and transformative impact.

Trish McCarthy Newport Beach California

I took about a dozen lessons with Denise and wow, did she improve my game! I had developed some bad habits that she worked with me to correct, I.e. the sway in my back swing, not fully turning my shoulder. Lessons were always fun as well as productive. The lessons are paying dividends for me on the course. Thank you Denise!

Cindy Andrews, California

Being fairly new to golf, I had a lot of basics to learn. Denise has applied her knowledge of the fundamentals to help me really improve my swing. Through the use of various drills and with excellent coaching advice I’ve learned to hit more consistently and with greater accuracy, which has helped boost my confidence on the golf course. Denise is an excellent instructor for newer and advanced golfers


3465 N PINES WAY PMB 230 104 WILSON, WY 83014

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